Blackberry Cook-off

Bring them prepared.

Registration $5

August 20th @ 10am

Community Buiding, Central Park

More info Contact Jo



  1. Pies, 2 crust, Tarts

  2. Pies, cream/cheesecakes

  3. Candies

  4. Meats, main dishes

  5. Cakes, cupcakes and torts

  6. Yeast breads, muffins, fruit breads

  7. Cobblers, crisps

  8. Jams with fruit/syrups

  9. Jellies/sauces

  10. Brownies, bars and cookies

  11. Misc. gelatins, parfaits, mousses, meringues,

    puddings and cream puffs.

  12. Children: age 12 and under. Enter any dish they desire.

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Automotive Racing Products

Ididit Performance

Coker Tire


Borla Performance

1932 Model B Ford Ticket Winner.jpeg

2021 Ticket Prize Winners;

#002401 1932 Ford bought at Nellie's Deli to Donna Wiser of Sutherlin.

#001698 Salishan Resort bought in the park to Ken Parsons of Roseburg.

#003841 Diamond Lake Resort bought in Coos Bay to Samuel Rudder of Coos Bay.

#004784 Diamond Lake Resort bought at the Smoke Shoppe to Gale Buckbee of Sutherlin.

#000330 7 Feathers Resort bought at Apple Peddler to Dave Shook of Centralia.

#005918 Urban Edge Auto Detail bought from the park to Willetta Davis of Sutherlin.

#001866 Sunset Ocean Lodging bought from the park to Tony Kovac of Wilbur.

#003635 Wildlife Safari bought at the Smoke Shoppe to Chris Elston of Oakland.

#005120 Wildlife Safari bought in the park to Jason Peralta of Oakland.

#002645 Hokanson's Guest House bought at the Smoke Shoppe to Dan Killeby of Umpqua.

#004417 Painted Lady Bed & Breakfast bought from the park to Don Stainger of Roseburg.

#000063 Grass Fed Beef bought at the Smoke Shoppe to George Finney of Yoncalla.