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The Sutherlin Blackberry Festival has changed our scholarships. Simply put, we are looking to provide up to 10 scholarships to local students with a bent on trade schools. 

These scholarships will be provided in the amount of $1000.00

We are asking for students that do not expect a scholarship due to not having a 3.5 to 4.0 GPA to apply. In fact, GPA is not a consideration. Attendance, on the other hand, is important.

With this in mind, we are hoping that students willing to involve themselves in a trade apply for this scholarship.

America needs plumbers, electricians, mechanics, linemen, carpenters, and other skilled trades that are in danger of becoming obsolete..

Apply now. Be aware, there are interviews, like any job.

There will also be regular scholarship applications available. These scholarships will also be provided in the amount of $1,000.00.

Both applications are available annually in February at the Sutherlin High School Woodshop and FFA classes.

Oakland High School applications will be available in February as well.

Deadline for applications is April 30th.

If your student needs an application, send an email to and I will send it to you.

Duane Waller, Chairman

2023 Scholars.JPEG
The 2023 Trade Scholars are Gracelyn Denley, Kamrin Hathaway, Miguel Espinola, Enrique Diaz, Alex Gonzalez, Austin Quamme, Jeremy Smith & Tyler Cortez. The Traditional Scholars are Mich Wicks and Ely Palm.
All scholarships awarded are $1,000. This is made possible by the raffle tickets that you, whether in our community or traveling through, purchase annually. This is a huge part of why we volunteers do what we do and with your help, make it all possible. Thank you all & Congratulations to all of the scholars.


              Congratulations Scholars!!

2022 Scholarship Winners (no pic available)

$1,000 Scholarships

  1. Ramsey Wilfong – SHS (Trade School Scholarship Application)

  2. Ash’Lynn Radford – SHS (Trade School Scholarship Application)

  3. Thomas Woods – SHS (Trade School Scholarship Application)

  4. Karleigh Schoonover – SHS (Regular Scholarship Application)

  5. Aliyah Marie Snow – SHS (Regular Scholarship Application)


There are no OHS awardees this year.

Sutherlin Scholars;
Jadyn Vermillion and Katie Price.
Oakland Scholars;
Johanna Simonson and Hannah Oberman


Sutherlin Scholars;
Nolan Carson, Hailey Boehm, Regan Leatherwood, Alexa Shaver and Hannah Jarman
Oakland Scholar;
Kelsie Collins

Sutherlin Scholars;
Samantha Crawford, Samantha Stevens, Allison Cox, Skyler Harrington and Sydnee Allen
Oakland Scholars;
Kaylee Simonson, Kambriann Briggs and Noah Atkins



Sutherlin Scholars in random order: Taylor Moser, Kiersten Porter, Mackenzie Price, Medelyn Leanne Higgins, Alexis Burke, Caithlynn Carrillo, Cassidy Leatherwood, Hannah Horvath and Faith Stehr

Oakland Scholars (no pic)

Grace McCracken, Rachael Arts and Nicholas Freeman

Benjamin Stamphill, Autumn Carrillo, Ricki Mock, Blayke Hosford, Olivia Gulliford, Kimberly Gerstner, Joe Matteo 

Sandra Cox, Miranda Mendenhall, Porshia Wolfe 


Oakland Scholars (no pic) 

Sydney Singleton-Tackett 

Cora Gallop 




Sutherlin Blackberry Festival gave $750 Scholarships to 8 students on Tuesday evening at Sutherlin High School to 8 students. 


KC Ann Kilparick,  Breanna Wright, Austin Burke,  Kelsey H Mailet, Katrina Ratledge Jessica Freeman, 


Kylee Carson, Travis Hopkins  Names are not in order in the photo. 







We gave out 9, $750.00 scholarships to Sutherlin. In order, Natassia Cornelia, Megan Lemke, Samantha Elliott, Ross Graf, Kassandra Freeman, Chris Davis, Scotti Matney and Alicia Ramer. Not present, Morgan McLain.

Names, but not in order: Schuyler Hutchings, Sean Price, Randi Kostner, Tessa Knight, Matt Gutan, Demi Shaffner, Alexa Mack, Brooklyn Norman and Blayne Sterling (not pictured).

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