Proud to announce our upcoming 33rd annual festival!
Friday August 20th: Street Memories Poker Run begins at 1pm.  LOCATION TBA. Join the cruise in starting at 3pm where the "band TBA".


Saturday August 17th: join us for the Car Show. Register from 6-10am $20. Car show awards at 4pm. 7-8am 5k Fun Run registration at Sutherlin High School, race starts 8:15. 7-10am Pancake Breakfast at the Senior Center. 7:30-8:30am register to play Mud Volleyball $25 per team, game time 9am. BMX registration starts at 8am, race 10am. Opening Ceremonies at 10am. Register your goodies in the Blackberry cook-off at 10am $5 entry fee. Mud Bog registration at 11am $25 fee, spectators are free. Bog starts at 2pm. Mystical Oasis Belly Dancing at noon. Karaoke at 1:30. Classic Car Cruise 6:30-9:30pm $5 if not in car show and must be 72 years or older. Live Music at Lauren Young Tire on Central/Mardonna 7-10pm.

Sunday August 18th: Mud Race registration 6-10:30 $30 fee. Race starts at 11. Spectators $5, 12 and under are free. Church in the park at 9am. Register for the motorcycle show from 9am-noon. Entry fee $5. Awards at 4:30. Chili cook-off registration at 10am. Entry is $5. The Pet Pie Eating Contest begins at 11. Mystical Oasis Belly Dancing begins at noon. Diaper Derby starts at 1pm. Register your babies Saturday or Sunday in the park at the pavilion. Karaoke at 1:30. The wet t-shirt contest....for dogs begins at 2:30pm. 
5:00 pm is the drawing for the 1978 Corvette.



This years Raffle Prizes & Goodie Bag items are donated by:



Street Memories Poker Run:

The Poker Run begins at 1pm at "location TBA"

Last car out at 1:45. Return at 4pm. $5 per hand. No limit. Inquiries contact Greg Kuk 541-430-6740.

Friday Night Cruise-In

The Cruise-In starts at 4:00pm at "location TBA" Enjoy live music starting at 7:00pm featuring "Band TBA"

Saturday Car Show

Every third Saturday of August at around 6:00am, the main street of Sutherlin has a traffic jam. This doesn’t happen as you would think, though. It’s not at the main stoplights in town, but at Central Park. People line up in classic cars to enter them in the annual Blackberry Festival Car Show. Our car show has maintained over 250 cars every year since 1993, with our first car show at the Sugar Plum Bakery hosting a mere 60 cars on its first year. Since then, we have been fortunate to have many people return to visit us and bring their cars in hopes to gain a trophy, or just to visit and have a good time with us.The car show is not the biggest, not the most distinctive, but we have the honor of hosting our friends every year and providing one of the most faithfully attended shows we have heard of. It’s just simply a great time with great people. Come out and see, you will be astounded by the neighborly atmosphere and the great people.


We would like to ask everyone to remember that we cannot allow canopies to be erected in the park due to the possibility of damaging a car.


When our contestants leave the car show, we hope they will take a moment, turn right on Central and continue out to Applegate Place where they can turn around in the circular drive and provide a few moments of pleasure to the residents there.




Food and Craft Booths

Tired of looking at cars? To keep our attendees from becoming too bored with the colorful car show in the park, we have somewhere around 70 craft booths and 10 food booths that should keep you occupied for a couple of hours. The booths sell just about anything you could want and operate from Friday through Sunday.


Mud Volleyball

Somewhere around 1992, Mud Volleyball began to dig its way into some of the people attending Blackberry. By digging, we mean that people dug it… or dug into the holes… or just wanted to get muddy. Two pits were arranged side by side with nets and poles. People wondered what this was… until the mud started flying along with the ball. Rival teams began to appear. People started to get dedicated to this event, attending on Saturday mornings just to see who would get dunked in the action. After 20 years the event is just as much fun as it was when it was started. There are rival teams, people sloshing around in the mud pits to douse their own team mates, and new teams hoping to step up to become rivals with somebody, with anybody. Teams come wearing bright clean sponsored logo covered t-shirts. They leave with unidentifiable clothing, if they still have any at all. Cleanup with a fire hose is sometimes mandatory. Don’t miss this great event, it is sure to keep you entertained.

  1. Registration is Saturday. Game time is 9:00am. 

  2. All participants must be at least 16 yrs of age. If under the age of 18 a parent signature is required. There must be 6 players in the pit at all times with at least one female. You are allowed to rotate out, but 1 female must remain in the pit. Closed toed shoes must be worn at all times during play, no sandals.  

  3. Cost per team is $25.00 

  4. This liability waiver must be signed by all Mud Volleyball Tournament participants. Any individual whose signature (or parent's signature) does not appear on this form will not be permitted to participate, and therefore, disqualifies the person from competition. 


BMX Races

Every year, the Blackberry Festival tries to keep everyone in the family involved in some manner. The BMX races allow the younger crowd a chance to have some fun, compete, and even win a bicycle. In the spirit of competition, all of the proceeds from the BMX event are returned to the Community Cancer Center to help someone locally.Kids from the ages of 6 through 13 can compete for a chance to win a bicycle in each of four classes, and trophies are given to second and third place winners. The BMX track is located on Timber Grounds and crosses the Lawn Mower track. Races are run in heats, with the first 3 from each heat moving up to the main event. First place winners in each class will win a new bicycle.


  1. Mandatory requirements for this event:Competitors must have their own bicycle to race. All competitors must wear a helmet.


Blue Ribbon Blackberry Cuisine: Blackberry cook-off

NEW CATEGORIES 2019: 1. Pies, 2 crust, no cream. 2. Cobblers & Crisps. 3. Jams with fruit, no jellies. 4. Meats and Main Dishes. 5. Miscellaneous; anything not listed in above categories. 

Children may enter anything they like.

There is a $5 entry fee. 1st Place wins $50. 2nd Place wins $20.


Saturday Night Cruise

After 20 years, the Blackberry Committee found itself in a bit of a predicament. Wayne Calder, the Chairman of Blackberry for 20 years, retired from our event. He is missed for many reasons, though this is the most noticed. Wayne and his crew ran the Cruise. At 6:00 pm, Wayne and 5 or 6 others would drive through town and put out cones at all of the intersections between Abby’s Pizza and Shop Smart. The intersections would be manned, and the cruise would begin at 7:00 pm. When Wayne retired, Blackberry found that we did not have the volunteer base to continue to provide all of the support that Wayne and his small hidden group of volunteers managed to provide so well.To manage this huge task, the Blackberry Committee decided to join forces with the Sutherlin Lions Club. The Lions Club took the cruise and ran with it. Without their help, we would have been crippled. So, when you attend the cruise, remember that the Lions Club does another great service during Blackberry. Give them a smile and a wave as you pass by.When you get to the Shop Smart parking lot, be sure to take a moment and attend the dance hosted by Les Schwab’s in their parking lot. This year we have a new band entertaining us! The Valley Boys from the Eugene area will be showing us what they've got.


Chili cook-off

The chili cook-off is another favorite with our judges. These are different judges from the desserts as they have distinct taste buds for the best chili. Some have been judging for over 10 years.Through the 20 years of this event some entries have been very hot and others just have the right ingredients to make the prize-winning chili. The contestants have also been making their chili for many years for the cup Titian. Some are husband and wives competing in all three categories, Women’s, Men’s, and Texas Style No Beans. There are years when the ladies won it all and other years when the men are the winners. It is a lot of fun to see them hassle each other and make a challenge for the next year. Come out to see what is going on in the cook-offs held in the Sutherlin Community Building.


Diaper Derby: Shake a leg, baby! Get a move on!

This year marks the 11th year of the Diaper Derby. Oregon First Credit Union is our sponsor again this year. Be sure to thank any and all sponsors. This is a lot of fun to watch, both babies and parents. You start by putting a few babies in the middle of a circle, the parents and siblings try to coach the baby to crawl to them and under the rope. The babies must crawl, if they stand up and walk they are disqualified. The parents of children and siblings can also be disqualified if they do not stay behind the rope. There are several rounds, with the first baby to crawl the distance in each round, going on to the trophy round. The first baby to reach the outside ring and go under the rope gets a trophy. Prizes and certificates go to the first three places in each round. Make a point to watch this very entertaining event!


Mud Races

Our Mud Races have evolved quite a bit over the past 17 years. Since its inception in 1996, the mud races have grown to as many as 140 trucks. The event has a great following, with people coming from as far away as Minnesota to race.

From 1996 to 2009, the racetrack was sloped about a foot from the finish to the start, resulting in a pond at the starting line at the beginning of the day. Since 2010, we have made changes to the racing surface to slope the ground from the starting line towards the finish line, trying to get rid of “Sutherlin Pond”. Constantly looking for improvements has made our track a favorite for many racers. In a continuing effort to keep the racing fun, we still race for trophies. 7 classes of trucks for men, and 7 classes for women compete in an effort to take home one of the coveted trophies from this event. This is a bragging rights track, where winning isn’t about just getting just a trophy… it is about beating the track, and beating the opponent. Double eliminations gives every driver at least 2 chances to beat the track and their opponent. If you lose twice, though, you have to park and watch the rest of the classes. Each class has its own distinct cheering section, from the big boys to the bumblebee classes (as we call the four cylinder class).


  1. Racing starts at 11:00 am sharp, and we race until we run out of classes, sometimes until 6pm.

  2. Tech opens at 6am and runs to 10:30am, with a 10:45 drivers meeting. Competitors must wear a helmet and a seat belt, and any open topped vehicle must have a four point roll cage.

  3. $5 adult entry fee



Pet Pie Eating Contest

For the first time this year we are also having a pie eating contest!!!

Pie Crust Ingredients: flour, oatmeal, unsweetened applesauce and water. 

Filling: blackberries and plain low fat yogurt 



When: Sunday, in the park 

Time 2:30pm 





It’s time for the Sutherlin BlackBerry Festival!
Friday, Saturday and Sunday,